Border Partners’ Annual Report for 2021

Again this year, the major activity of all staff was to respond to the critical need families and seniors had for food during the pandemic when work was so scarce and children were not in school from January until September.

During 2021, Border Partners staff:

  • Prepared and delivered more than 6,000 healthy, hot meals to 25 isolated seniors every weekday.
  • Prepared and distributed 2,092 food baskets to needy families in Palomas and three nearby communities. These baskets provided food for 6,396 people.
  • Provided 922 free checks of blood pressure and glucose levels at the Border Partners office or in the community in 2021.
  • Presented training for pregnant women on the following topics: child development, pregnancy care, nutrition during pregnancy, prevention of pre-diabetes during pregnancy, infant death prevention and child mental development.
  • Provided one-on-one counseling to 20 pregnant women and girls, twice each week for four months, to answer their questions and provide information.
  • Assisted the schools by providing four workshops for children on preventing COVID; and two workshops for parents: one on nutrition and one on children’s mental health.
  • Donated soccer and basketballs and team shirts to the schools and, in November and December, gave one elementary school 600 sack lunches for children.
  • Gave individual support to 42 home gardeners including who have greenhouses.
  • Raised healthy food for the community in two large, year-round greenhouses.
  • Offered 177 free zumba exercise classes and sponsored one community bicycle event for 40 participants.
  • Presented four social gatherings for isolated seniors (36 people attended). At one of these, there was a presentation about maintaining mental health.
  • In addition, the Promotoras attended three training sessions to learn new skills. The topics related to pregnancy and early childhood development and nutrition. After completion of the classes, they received an official certification.

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