Improving Health

Since 2008, improving health in Palomas has been one of Border Partners’ most important goals.

poverty affects health

Poverty affects health.

Most families in Palomas have lived with poverty for a long time. Health statistics for the community reflect this. Many people are overweight and have diabetes, high blood pressure or other health problems known to be associated with poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

People participating in our earliest focus sessions to identify needs and set goals suggested that improving the general health of the people in Palomas was critically important. This is a complex problem. Improving nutrition and augmenting the recreation facilities and programs available in town would help propel health improvements.

We’ve worked relentlessly to make progress. In 2015, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation awarded a grant which greatly accelerated our efforts and brought some major health projects to completion.

Learn more about our accomplishments in these health areas:


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