Educating to promote health

health education class

Health promoters educate in hands-on classes that advance health of the people, as in this nutrition class.

blood sugar test

Health promoter test resident’s blood sugar levels at health fair. This helps screen for diabetes.

In 2012, Border Partners sponsored a training by the Border Health Commission in Palomas to train a group of health promoters (Promotoras de Salud). Many other towns in Mexico have these groups who can support and enhance the services of the government sponsored health clinics. They check blood pressure, screen for diabetes, teach classes on health topics, distribute health materials and promote healthy lifestyles.

Six dedicated women now work tirelessly in Palomas as promotoras doing myriad projects that benefit and improve the health of the community. A selected list of their activities includes:

  • sponsoring two health fairs each year in the spring and the fall;
  • offering weekly office hours to answer questions and do health screenings;
  • teaching nutrition classes for adults;
  • organizing community bicycle events and managing a bike repair shop;
  • distributing donated beans to needy families;
  • offering two social events for isolated seniors with health screenings;
  • organizing soccer and volleyball tournaments for youth and adults; and
  • planning activities at the community gym.



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