Border Partners’ Personnel and Advisors


Staff in Mexico

Staff in the USA

Peter Edmunds, Special Projects Coordinator (volunteer)

Billie Greenwood, Website Manager (volunteer)

Helena Day Myers, Gardening Coordinator (volunteer)

Polly Edmunds, Development Coordinator (volunteer)


Lucy Williamson, Columbus, NM–President

Scott Davies, Palomas, Chihuahua, MX

Polly Edmunds, Deming, NM, USA–Development

Helena Day Myers, Columbus, NM, USA–Director

Sherry Reynolds, Deming, NM–Secretary / Treasurer


Tom Aageson, Santa Fe, NM, USA – Fundraising

Elizabeth Burr, Deming, NM, USA – Health

Bill Knauss, Columbus, NM, USA – Biochar, engineering

Robert Marquez, PhD, Las Cruces, NM – Water filter development

Barrett Brewer, Gila, NM, USA

Esther Melvin, Silver City, NM, USA


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