Successful start to new teen mental health education series

Teens have many challenges. The COVID pandemic has added more to the list of hurdles they must clear. Now, their school classes are held remotely. So, they’re unable to learn with peers. Socialization is also so important to the teen years. However, now there are very few social gatherings. And,  opportunities. Furthermore, all interactions require masks. It’s more important than ever that we all provide whatever resources we can to prevent teens from falling into depression.

For these reasons, Border Partners began a series of meetings specifically for adolescents in Palomas. This program will address some of the difficult issues they may be facing, particularly now during the pandemic. The sessions are open to all teens.

Teens’ rivetted their attention on the material shared in the initial session on how to promote good mental health.

Our first session met at the Border Partners’ office in Palomas. Ten girls and boys from the local preparatoria/high school attended the January 27th session. A psychologist from the District Health Office in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua facilitated this one-hour learning module.

A promotora receives this teen with friendly hospitality, welcoming her to register for the session.

She addressed important topics such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. The teens responded well to her promptings and were quite interactive. Many asked questions. As the meeting concluded, the attendees indicated that they would like to attend more sessions on this topic.

Offering a chance to gather in a safe environment gives the teens the opportunity for much-needed socialization. This benefit may be equally important as the information that they acquired. We noticed the teens were pleased to see one another and converse before and after the session.

In related good news, the second dose of COVID vaccinations that are available for children aged 12-17 will be administered in Palomas this week.

The session also gave teens the opportunity to safely see their friends. In person school is closed until further notice in Palomas.


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