Early summer action addresses both seasonal and unexpected developments

Jaqueline Reyes, a health educator from the District Health Office in Casas Grandes in Chihuahua, presented a workshop on tuberculosis to our Promotoras last month. Fortunately, this was simply for preparedness because there is no current issue with this health challenge in Palomas.

The weather is heating up now in Palomas, but Border Partners’ activities have not slowed down. Thanks to generous donors, our staff is busy with a variety of important activities. Here are some highlights of recent accomplishments:

May was a month to celebrate mothers in Palomas. The Promotoras had a luncheon to honor all the important work that mothers do to keep their families healthy.

The town has finally given permission for us to open the Education Center again. During May, 43 students, ages 9-15, came after school for help with their homework using the computers. Juan Lares, the Education Coordinator, assists the kids on the computers and plans computer activities for the younger children who have no homework.

Sports activities

  • Each weekday, 6-8 women participated in a zumba class in the BP center.
  • 72 kids participated in a soccer tournament organized by Ignacio Gomez for Border Partners.
  • Plus a weekly bike ride for any and all who care to participate.

    One of the weekly bike rides that Border Partners has sponsored for the Palomas community.

Health News

The new greenhouse that has drip irrigation is covered with shade cloth now and planted with tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower and green chile. Juan Lares, one of our gardeners, has installed a slightly different and simpler drip irrigation system in his home garden to see how that set-up works.  

Eighteen fourth graders at the Ford School learned how important it is for them to eat their veggies.

There was an outbreak of head lice in the schools in May. We distributed 56 bottles of shampoo donated by Barbara Gabioud to address this issue. Fortunately, that intervention successfully stopped the problem “in its tracks.”

In ongoing work, the Promotoras delivered 682 meals to isolated seniors in May and did 63 checks for glucose levels for diabetics.

What’s upcoming?

BP staff and volunteers are helping students at the Secundaria (Middle School) prepare to build papercrete blocks. Papercrete makes a highly-insulating building block using discarded paper and cardboard. These blocks can replace cement blocks in building houses. Anyone who goes inside the BP garden shed or the Education Center is amazed by how cool those buildings are even in very hot weather. We hope the students will be able to make enough blocks to build another small community building and that they may get interested in building something for their own families. Watch for more information on this project in the coming months.




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