US Teacher Devotes One Month to Volunteer Work in Palomas

Hubert (Lee) Lowder

Hubert Lee Lowder, who visited Puerto Palomas last year, is working this coming month as a volunteer with Border Partners.

Hubert (Lee) Lowder is a U.S. teacher who’ll volunteerwith Border Partners while living in Palomas this month. He’s a perfect fit right now, as the promotoras offer their summer school program at Ford Elementary School during his visit. 

He visited Palomas last year and was impressed with what he saw. It prompted him to take hundreds of hours of Spanish lessons and commit to return this month. His perceptive powers touched us. We especially love one passage from his blog that’s a powerful and–accurate–tribute to the people’s ability to use every opportunity and resource to advance their community.

Values education

In this passage he reflects on the values of the elementary school where he teaches–respect, kindness, honesty, trustworthiness and citizenship. He connects those values to his experience last year in Palomas and to what motivates him to return:

The people of Puerto Palomas work extremely hard and possess unlimited ingenuity and faith in the power of community. I’ve seen solar ovens built from discarded wood and glass, beautiful fences made from bed springs, simple inexpensive water filtration systems, lush gardens in the desert and climbing walls for children.

One cannot help but respect and be inspired by the civic pride expressed by the people of Puerto Palomas…

…Why service in Palomas?  We all must start somewhere, next door or in the next country, but service, empathy and humanity give life meaning; they give us purpose and humble us. “

Hubert’s writing a blog so that his upcoming third grade class can follow along and learn with him during his trip. To follow his volunteer experience, read along at:

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