Updates from Palomas, January 2021 edition

People in need received food baskets in January. We distributed 80 baskets.

Brrrr! Believe it or not, it has been really cold here on the southern border. Most nights in January the low temperatures dipped into the teens. Houses in Palomas do not have adequate insulation or heating for such cold temperatures. At this time of year, our health promoters distribute blankets and warm clothing to those in need.

With his hot meal, this senior received a beautiful gray, hand-knit scarf.

This month, they are doing a special drive to get warm clothing to the seniors who are in the meals on wheels program. When the promoters deliver food, they also drop off donated mittens, gloves, sweaters and now handknit scarves, too.

These scarves arrived from an anonymous donor as a wonderful surprise! And, they arrived just at the right time. We’re so grateful. Each beautiful, warm scarf represents an investment of personal time and the sharing of a honed craft. The seniors appreciate them.

Keeping Seniors Warm in January

Wearing a coat indoors while sitting under a blanket is normal in Palomas in the winter. Most buildings don’t have a furnace. This senior now has warm shoes which will really help him retain body heat.

We received another exceptional donation this month as well. Gale Margerum who had an upholstery shop in Silver City, sadly, died last month. Her sister, Diana Ingalls Lebya, called to ask if Border Partners could use her sewing machines and extra fabric and supplies. We filled a truck and trailer, and that equipment and material will go to happy sewers in Palomas, including members of Palomas OIlcloth Designs, in the next week.

In conjunction with this, Coyote Phoenix gave $1,000 in Gale’s memory. We’re grateful for this memorial and will use it carefully.

Promotora Team Grows

Also in January, a new promotora, Maria Sustaita, joined our current group of three health promoters. Maria is a town paramedic who volunteers her time for the ambulance. Maria is very welcome on our health promoter team, and her skills will be used well.

Finally, Border Partners assembled and distributed a total of 80 food baskets to families in Palomas during the month of January. Nourishment is a cornerstone to health and vitality.

It was a busy month on many fronts.

CORRECTION. Edited February 13, 2021: Names of donor Diana Ingalls Lebya and her sister Gale Margerum were corrected. We regret our error in publishing their names incorrectly.