Unveiled: Puerto Palomas’ new Community Education Center

Puerto Palomas learning center

The new community learning center stands tall and strong, firmly attached to the Puerto Palomas public library.

We proudly unveil the exterior of the new Community Education Center which is attached to the public library in Palomas. This building is a model in alternative building, as its blocks were created in town this summer using papercrete, a building material with greatly enhanced insulation factors. The three barrel arches made of ferro cement and insulated with papercrete panels now stand tall and firmly attached to the Palomas public library.

The room awaits the equipment that will outfit it to educate. For now, we plan to begin to offer face to face traditional classes beginning in January.  We’re also working on proposals to equip the room with electronic equipment for other kinds of learning and activities.

Now the exterior of the building is being transformed into a showpiece of public art. With the greatest of luck, we connected with a Mexican muralist who is lending his significant talent to this project. It is a fresco, of sorts, in cement! Note the inclusive character of the subjects: Indigenous and differently-abled are all welcome to come and learn here. The mural is a real celebration of learning and the world it breaks open to the learner.

Mexican muralist at work

Mexican muralist is transforming the exterior of the new learning center into a statement on the power of learning.

New computer center gives Palomas students access to modern technology

new computer center

This new computer center Border Partners facilitated will give Palomas elementary students access to modern computers for the first time.

Border Partners is providing and installing twelve computers at the Ramon Espinoza (morning) and Ignacio Zaragoza (afternoon) school building in Palomas.  With this new technology equipment, the schools will create a computer center that both institutions will share.  This brand new computer center complements our work of donating and installing computers for education at the third primary school in Palomas, Ford School.

This will be the first time students at any of the elementary schools in Palomas have had access to up-to-date computers.

The computers for the new computer center were donated by UNICOR, a U.S. Government corporation established by Congress in 1934. UNICOR employs and provides job skills training to inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. One of their operations is to refurbish used computers.

$300: Provide a computer for adult education


adults on computer

Adult learners cluster around a single computer. Your donation will promote the use of technology.

$300 –Supplies one computer for the Palomas Community Learning Center. This will help teach computer skills to adults, opening the rich world of technology to the town’s population. By utilizing refurbished computers, we are able to stretch your donation dollar.

Click here to provide a computer