Supporters continue the good work in Puerto Palomas

serving healthy burritos

Promotoras  [health promoters] we sponsor provided veggie burritos at their free October Health Fair in Puerto Palomas. Health is improving and the hungry are fed, thanks to Border Partner’s supporters.

A donation to Border Partners can honor a loved one on a special occasion.

When you choose to give a memorial gift, it will not only convey your love for your friend or family member, it will also provide much-needed funds for our development projects in Puerto Palomas.

We’ll be happy to write your designee a note informing them of your donation.

You can select a donation that matches the values of the person you’re honoring. Visit the gift-giving page on our website to make that perfect choice.

Adding Border Partners to your will can extend the positive impact your life makes. Thanks for your support to improve life  on the US-Mexico border!

$3,750: Hire a gardening coordinator

gardening coordinator

$3,750 –Hires our Palomas gardening coordinator for the year. This consultant works 15 hours per week teaching local gardeners, starting plants for them, organizing a farmers’ market, and starting school gardens.  Fifty families and one school will benefit from her skills as they learn to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.  This gift also provides important employment for one person and income for her family, boosting the local economy.

Click here to secure the gift of a gardening coordinator


$300: Provide a computer for adult education


adults on computer

Adult learners cluster around a single computer. Your donation will promote the use of technology.

$300 –Supplies one computer for the Palomas Community Learning Center. This will help teach computer skills to adults, opening the rich world of technology to the town’s population. By utilizing refurbished computers, we are able to stretch your donation dollar.

Click here to provide a computer


$250: Sponsor a solar water heater

solar water heater

Border Partners produced this solar water heater, a device offering great utility to residents of Palomas.

at a family’s home.  Many Palomas homes don’t have hot water due to fuel expense.  This water heater, made in Palomas, will provide hot water year-round, fueled with free power from the bountiful desert sunThis will augment public health by increasing hygiene–one family at a time. It also provides potential income to the producers, thereby stimulating the local economy and improving the quality of life by providing employment.

Click here to sponsor a solar water heater


$100: Sponsor 1 family’s year-round garden

year round garden

$100  –Sponsors a year-round garden for one family to grow fresh vegetables and fruits to improve their diet.  The package includes all the materials and services of the winter garden package  [lettuce, broccoli, carrot, spinach, chard, radish, kale and pea seeds] with the addition of shade cloth to protect tender plants from the extreme desert summer sun and an expanded variety of seeds.

Click here to purchase a year-round garden.