Border Partners’ Summer School 2023 extends and expands the tradition

Pride and joy shines in the faces of students attending the Border Partners Summer School 2023. Classes were designed to engage students’ attention and involve them in learning.

Our annual “summer school” at the end of July gave 56 elementary school kids a chance for enrichment. They attended classes on nutrition, computers, math, arts and crafts, and gardening and also learned some English.

This supplementary program helps students stay sharp during the summer months in this small town where there are few organized programs for children. The summer classes are daily for two weeks with classes beginning at 5PM. This avoids the extreme heat of the day.

These kids’ faces show a range of motions because feelings run high on the first day of school, no matter what the occasion or where the school is.

Students enjoyed healthy food during their summer school daily break.

All the classes are designed to be fun for the children and promote involvement. The children were enthusiastic attendees; everyone was there by his or her free choice.

The children ate because healthy snacks grow their bodies and boost their mental abilities. Eating fresh fruit for a snack also teaches them that natural foods are tasty and refreshing. They learn that they don’t have to rely on commercial or processed products in a package.

The children also enjoyed some recreation too! The finale of week one was a water balloon throwing contest. Perfect with the temperatures we’ve had in this region. But the grand finale of week two was absolutely wonderful: the Palomas firefighters supported us by bringing their truck to the school playground to throw a sprinkle party for the kids. The kids squealed with delight as the cold water cooled their warmth and the unseasonal heat of the season. Enjoy a few seconds of their delight in the video:

It takes a lot of planning and organization to keep dozens of diverse children busy for hours each day. We feel like it is an effort that is even more worthwhile now in this post-COVID era when many children have fallen behind academically.

Math class captured students’ attention. They enjoyed using computers, an opportunity they might not have at home.