Palomas students love summer school!

proud Palomas summer school grad

Proud summer school graduate receives both his certificate and the applause of the school community.

Repeatedly during the past year students approached us to ask if we’d hold summer school again this summer. How could we refuse?

For two July weeks, seventy children, nine teachers, three cooks and two helpers happily engaged in learning about math, about healthy foods, about art and about preventing accidents at Summer School 2013 in Palomas.  And they had lots of good exercise!

The school is staffed by the Promotoras, our wonderful group of Community Health Educators.

After class, students enjoyed a nutritious lunch which is another important support to their growth.

Generous sponsorship from the Gila Friends Meeting of Silver City combined with contributions from all our supporters funded the food and classes for two weeks.

Thank you to all!  You make this happen!

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