Recipe for a new dirt bike track for Palomas

plan dirt bike trail

Community organizers and volunteers planned and executed the dirt bike course.


Heavy machinery and hard labor created a dirt bike course for Palomas–all volunteer executed!

by Peter Edmunds

The kids in Palomas had no good place to ride their bikes. So, Border Partners,  equipped with a grant from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, put things in motion to build them one. Here’s Peter’s story about what it took to make this dream come true:

What does it take to build a dirt bike track on a very hot June day in Palomas?

  • 1 plan for the route the course would take and where to put the hills and jumps.
  • 1 piece of land, donated by a generous landowner.
  • 2 -20 cubic yard loads of dirt
  • 1 tractor-loader, with driver, supplied by the Palomas Water Dept., to move dirt
  • 1 tanker fire truck with three volunteer firemen to wet down the new tracks
  • 15 gallons of Gatorade to avoid dehydration in the 100 degree heat
  • 15 community volunteers, age 9 and up, to move, dig, turn, shape and pack the 40 cubic yards of dirt.
  • 20 lunches purchased from a fundraising event for the high school.
  • 40 pounds of fruit and cookies from Peppers Supermarket in Deming, NM.

Now, hundreds of young teenagers have a place to get good exercise and have fun with their friends.

Many thanks to all the groups and individuals who worked together to make this happen! 

See the big machines and heroic volunteers brave the heat on our online photo album.

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