Housing cooperative to restore housing dignity in Palomas

Marisol and Benita are two single mothers who live in Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico. The challenges they face don’t defeat them. Their dreams to improve life for themselves and their children birthed a plan of action. 

Palomas home in need of repair

Palomas home needs repair

The two women approached us with an idea. A big idea. They told us that they wanted to start a cooperative. As they imagined it, those who joined the group will commit to helping each other repair their deteriorating homes.  It’s easy to see that a single mom working alone can’t accomplish much in the home repair department. Generally her hands are full with child care, daily household needs and perhaps a full-time job, for those who are fortunate enough to have employment. Many repairs go better and faster with two people. But a group effort can really make a difference!

In order to join this housing cooperative, each member will contribute some money each month to the costs for the group. From this pool of funding, group members will purchase the building materials they need for repairs. Coming up with the start-up funding will require a real sacrifice, but Marisol and Benita are ready to do what it takes to give their children a better place to live.

Many homes are in rugged shape. The new coop members decided to prioritize the homes that are most in need of repair. That means that some in the group will be helping others, counting on the ongoing commitment of the group that their turn will come.

We hope that we can further assist these families in need with added funding to augment the materials that they, on very limited incomes, will be able to finance. The need is great, as this slide show of Palomas homes shows:

With your help, we can help them help themselves and improve lives on the U.S.-Mexico border

…one house at a time.


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