Food donation from Colorado helps border hunger crisis

Images from the donation securing trip. Lower right: Esmeralda Hernandez-Dorcas Coordinador (Greeley Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church) with Melissa Reyes of Border Partners

Many families are hungry in Palomas and nearby communities this holiday season. With the assistance of several generous partners, Border Partners has been able to distribute food boxes to hundreds of families during the last 18 months. And, with additional donation support, we’ll give another 200 boxes before Christmas.

This month, we received a particularly amazing donation of food and other supplies from two different groups that are part of the Greeley (CO) Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church. This congregation has already blessed us with support in the past.

Melissa Reyes, Border Partners’ General Manager, and her parents drove her parents’ truck to Greeley, Colorado, where they lived before moving to Deming, NM. They loaded the truck with a collection of groceries, diapers and baby equipment that church members organized. The donation’s value totalled $2,700. The trip took place November 4th through the 7th.

With this influx of supplies, we distributed 200 food baskets in Palomas and the surrounding area before Thanksgiving:
100 baskets in Palomas,
30 baskets in Entronque,
40 baskets in Victoria, and
30 baskets in Modelo.
Thanks to this generous support, 465 people benefitted from food assistance in US-Mexico border communities.

Pathfinders: Youth in action 

The Greeley Pathfinders youth group took the initiative to collect for us door-to-door at Thanksgiving time. The young people decided as a club to donate all the food they collected to Border Partners. We received this food free of charge. The Pathfinders are a service organization–much like the Boy and Girl Scouts–but they are involved in Church and activities to help them be a service to the community.

The food from the Pathfinders campaign arrived in Palomas last week and will be given out in our Christmas Food Baskets. Enjoy photos of the youth in action:

12-2021  Pathfinder food collection 

The food baskets Border Partners distributes are incredibly helpful for people that currently are unemployed or have children that they can’t support. Mexico doesn’t have food stamps or WIC for residents. COVID has made their situation worse, but–even before COVID–the food supply has never been adequate for the poor. Food prices in border towns are incredibly inflated and the residents’ salaries don’t suffice for their needs.

Families that receive the food basket participate in a survey that helps us determine their level of need. Many people qualify for the program. Seniors, single mothers and large families participate in our food basket program.

Most families have a vehicle to take food home. But, if they don’t, our staff takes them home. This is especially important for our seniors who might find carrying the basket to be impossible.

The Greeley (CO) Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church congregation was once the worshipping community in which our General Manager Melissa Reyes participated. Through her, they are aware of our work and enthusiastically support what we’re doing.

We appreciate the Greeley (CO) Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church and all the partners who allow us to support people who are in need in our border community.

2 thoughts on “Food donation from Colorado helps border hunger crisis”

  1. Good morning team border partnership from that of near by Santa Cruz, the city of where I live…and source that of strategies on both sides of the border. Your web site helped me understand your vision and work.
    Will be calling to learn more. For today: that of a model in Silicon Valley to share: I really like the use of “community organizer’s” and you have that of such to as our former President Obama and his wife so in Place. That is how both started out their path toward social justice for all in Chicago.
    Latinos United for a New America is with funding and my aim to use that of what best is vision and strategies to establish that of a VALUE YOUTH FUND, for both sides of the 2200 miles of USA / Mexico Border. That public domain YOUTH POWER can move forward that of our volunteer “community organizing” to stand with that 1200 national Community Colleges. Your help to establish in the future the brand PESOS IN THE POCKET starts with this hello.

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