What to do with all that chard!

A morning meeting of the Promotoras with Helena Myers (2nd from left) and Polly Edmunds (R)–members of the Border Partners Board of Directors.

By Helena Day Myers, with assistance from Polly Edmunds

The greenhouses in Palomas are full of green vegetables right now. So, I thought it would be a good idea to meet with the Promotoras and brainstorm with them some ways to use these healthy veggies in their daily meals for 30 seniors and shut-ins.

Last week, we harvested chard and spinach greens and made a taco filling using ground beef with chopped up chard, spinach, onion, garlic, zucchini, and jalapeños. We added a can of black beans, diced tomatoes, cilantro and a pinch of salt.

While everyone chopped and then let the filling simmer, we talked about different ideas they’ve tried for using the garden produce of greens. These Mexican women told us that they use greens when making enchiladas, stew, and soup. They also add them to eggs, quesadillas and rice. They know these greens “pack a powerful nutritional punch!”

Local homemade food


Vicky, one of the Promotoras, brought home-made tortillas. So, we used them to make tacos with the filling, and we topped the tacos with salsa and cheese. Everyone decided it was a recipe worth keeping.

The next day, tacos were the main dish served as part of the meals-on-wheels program Border Partners does in Palomas five days a week. The six Promotoras take turns preparing meals daily and delivering them to the various homes of elders in need. They say it is so gratifying to see the elders in their homes and have a short–but very necessary–visit with them.


The meals on wheels ready to deliver


This week we went back to help the Promotoras with their cooking and were excited to see that the main dish for the day was a stew made from bags of chard and spinach from the garden sauteed with some zucchini and onion. They served it with cubes of cheese for protein.

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