Distribution Helps 262 People Survive

distribution in progress

Juana Flores records the distribution of a food basket to a single mom on November 16. 2020.

We wish we had better news about the COVID-19 situation in Palomas. But, as in many other places in the world, it hasn’t improved. More than ever, Border Partners feels called to serve the population. Many families are facing financial hardship due to COVID.

This Monday, we distributed 60 food baskets to local families. Over 262 people in total benefited from this one distribution. Some of the beneficiaries were unemployed families, others were seniors, and others were single mothers.

Kudos to Our Sponsors

Without the sponsorship of Sherry Reynolds, a volunteer and faithful donor, and the Hispanic Adventist Church of Greeley, CO this wouldn’t have happened. The kind donations they sent us went a very long way.

That was due, in part, to Super Vazquez grocery store in Palomas. The store managers generously gave us a 10% discount. As a result, they stretched our donations. And, because their grocery prices are more economical, we saved almost 25% overall. We love extend those donations to help more people!

Safety Measures

Neatly arrayed, 60 food baskets await distribution to COVID-plagued community members.

To prevent the spread of COVID, we used safe social distant guidelines. Also, we strongly enforced a mask policy at the distribution site. In addition, hand sanitizer was readily available. The time schedule for the distribution pick-up in the Promotoras’ office was spaced through the day. Because of this planning, we avoided having large groups of people in the Promotoras office at any given time.

You may be interested to know that the food basket contained. The items were:

· Tomato
· Zucchini
· Potatoes
· Jalapeños
· Oatmeal
· Eggs
· Flour
· Cooking oil
· Milk
· Sugar
· Antibacterial Soap for Multi-use

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