We are so very grateful!

In this difficult time for so many, we’re still finding a multitude of reasons to give thanks. We’ve seen immense goodness in people. We’re especially grateful to:

  • all our supporters for their amazing response to our fall fundraising drive;
  • the Paso del Norte Foundation for extra funding to respond to the need for supplementary food in Palomas;
  • the Unitarian Universalist Church in Silver City for donations to the food drive;
  • our Mexican staff who have stepped up and changed their duties with energy and grace;
  • Scott Davies, a faithful supporter, for matching all the donations to the Fall Appeal;
  • Victor and Yolanda Hesch, Barbara Lemmon, Elizabeth Burr and Barbara Gabioud who give every single month, year after year, to support whatever Border Partners is doing;
  • and to businesses and local residents in Palomas who have opened their hearts to share with families in their community through our Christmas Appeal.

During November, our staff distributed 120 food baskets to people in Palomas and the surrounding communities. They’re getting ready for an even larger distribution in December. There have been cold nights here in the desert lately. So, along with food, they are giving donated warm coats, sweaters and blankets to those in need.

One supporter’s kind words:

I am so amazed at Border Partners’ ability to change from your normal work in Palomas so that you can respond to different needs during this pandemic.”