New staff bring commitment to Palomas 

Border Partners has recently hired two vital additions to our expanding staff in Palomas. 

Nina Andrade is assuming a position on our team of four health promoters or “promotoras de salud” in Palomas. These health promoters have many roles in the community, including:

  • prepare and deliver the daily lunches to local seniors,
  • oversee health screenings at our office,
  • organize community events centered on health and nutrition in local schools, and so much more.

Alexis Acosta joins our gardening team in Palomas.

Another new face is 22-year old Alexis Acosta who joins Border Partners’ gardening team. This team has recently constructed greenhouses for local schools. This construction is part of our “Healthy Eating” nutrition initiative funded by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation. Alexis Acosta also helps with daily operations in the community gardens. He ensures that plants are growing well and delivers vegetables to schools and other community sites. In addition to his new position with Border Partners, Alexis  is a member of the Palomas volunteer firefighter’s department. 

Cristal Ortiz joins Border Partners’ Board of Directors

Cristal Garcia has been part of our health promoters team. She departed from that position to take a full time position with a school. We’re grateful for her fine service while she served as a health promoter. Fortunately, she will remain with us in a new capacity as a board member. 

As we seek to expand the community outreach  of our projects, we’re grateful for the passionate efforts of local people striving to make a change. A warm welcome to the new Palomas team members, Nina and Adrian. We’re grateful for their commitment to the mission and vision of Border Partners.