Man now walks with Border Partners’ help

promotora delivers walker

Promotora Gricelda Loya (L) and senior citizen/Palomas resident José (R) both beam joyful smiles as he receives the walker Border Partners arranged for him and delivered to his home.

Some years ago, Palomas resident José was run over in an accident. He suffered several fractures: his hip, knees, and leg. As a result, he suffered significant pain. After mending, he had tremendous difficulty with his mobility.

Border Partners’ health promoters (promotoras) met José at one of their monthly gatherings for Palomas senior citizens. They recognized his challenges with physical mobility. They saw that the accident had also limited his independence. Worse, the wheels of his walker didn’t turn freely, they jammed up–like those on a balky shopping cart.

One promotora, Griselda Loya, kept in close touch with José. While texting with him, she learned that his rickety walker malfunctioned so badly that it made him fall. He couldn’t trust it to support him. Now, he told her, he was afraid to move independently at all.

Walkers aren’t readily available in Palomas. So, Griselda reached out to Border Partners co-founder, Helena Myers. Helena assured Griselda that she’d do her best to find a walker.

And, she did. After a successful hunt, Helena immediately brought that used walker to the port of entry where Griselda and her fellow BP staffer Juan met her. In a delightful “Border Partners” twist, they paused only long enough to ask a Mexican official to snap a photo of their new prize. Then they brought it to Jose.

“Now, I’ll fly!”

When Jose saw the walker, his face beamed!

“Now I’m going to fly around Palomas!” he exclaimed, giggling with glee.

Secure with a walker that worked, José would be able to walk again. He can participate in church, go to the store. And, best of all, he can move safely inside his house.

For Gricelda, helping folks in her community is a beautiful experience.

“It brings satisfaction that no words can express. Seeing José’s happy face and feeling his happiness is the most beautiful thing a person can experience,” she unequivocally stated.

For Gricelda, belonging to the Border Partners family, brings her many experiences that touch her heart. Yes, some are sad. But, in this case, sharing José’s joy at seeing his new walker and knowing that she was instrumental to help make that possible–well, it was a beautiful event.

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