Irrigation system set to drip in newest greenhouse

The drip irrigation system feeds water directly to the plants in the soil, allowing for better water usage, less evaporation and water loss, and ultimately improved vegetable production. This conserves natural resources and saves money.

Border Partners staff and volunteers completed our third community greenhouse this week. This one has a drip irrigation system – something we’ve wanted for a long time. The gardening staff rose to the occasion, putting in extra hours to get the greenhouse shell and the raised beds finished in time for the volunteers’ arrival. The volunteers brought supplies and a good plan for the installation.
Fortunately, the weather cooperated: no high winds or intense heat interfered with this construction job.

BIG THANKS are due to many:

  • the generous donors to our “SeedMoney Challenge” fundraising event of November 2021 who funded the materials.
  • Pete Nason, faithful supporter, for his solid knowledge of how drip irrigation systems function.
  • Samuel, our neighbor near the greenhouses who allowed Border Partners to site the greenhouse on his land.
  • Peter Edmunds for his research into the parts needed for the system and how to put them together successfully. And finally –
  • Juan Rascon, our Community Coordinator in Palomas, for master organization and to
  • Border Partners’ competent gardening staff: Joel Carreon, Juan Lares and Jose Luis Munoz for their hard work getting the greenhouse built.

What’s Next?

The gardeners plan to keep careful records of the water use. This will let them compare the new system compared with the traditional hose-watering used in the other two greenhouses. They’ll also track and compare production of vegetables in all the greenhouses to try to quantify the effect of the drip irrigation. From all we have learned, drip irrigation will use less water more efficiently. In our desert climate, it’s very important to conserve water.

Come and visit if you can to see the plants growing. And if you can’t, we’ll keep you posted about how it’s working.

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