Spring brings more than flowers to Palomas

Fresh greens in the greenhouse announce that spring is here. And we add our third community greenhouse this month.

With the beginning of Spring, everything is more open in Palomas. This is both welcome and a relief after two years of confinement and limited activities. New projects are sprouting up. Old ones are blossoming. Schools are open more hours. All the staff are very busy!

New Projects

  • Staff set up an exercise room at the Middle School with weights, stationary bikes and other exercise machines. It will be open to teens and adults.
  • Ten teenagers attended a workshop on healthy sexuality and methods of birth control.
  • All the kids at the two elementary schools in Palomas each got lunch one day per week – prepared and delivered by our staff. Because of government COVID regulations still in place, no one can cook at the schools. The Promotoras make peanut butter sandwiches at our office and deliver them along with fruit to each classroom. It looks like the restrictions may be lifted on April 25 which would allow cooks back in the school. Then we hope to resume our delivery of supplemental healthy food for the cooks to use in their menus – as we did pre-COVID.
  • We started using compostable plates for our senior meals on wheels program. This will divert Styrofoam from the landfill and help with making the compost we use on our gardens.
  • Joel Carreon, our Gardening Coordinator, gave a class for 10 people about how to successfully manage a home greenhouse.

Ongoing Projects Continue

  • Staff distributed 100 food baskets to benefit 496 people in three neighboring towns. They also gave clothing.
  • Each weekday the Promotoras deliver a hot meal to 25 isolated seniors.
  • The Border Partners Education Center is open regularly again 3-6 p.m. each weekday.
  • 46 people came to our office for blood pressure and/or glucose checks.
  • Ten people are regularly attending our daily zumba classes.
  • The greenhouses at the three schools and at our main site are literally sprouting all kinds of veggies.

This week staff will build a third greenhouse. Look for photos next month of installing our first real drip irrigation system. We’re hoping to save water and grow better vegetables.

March 2022

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