Water Irrigation Systems Enhance Greenhouse Production

greenhouse irrigation system

New irrigation system in the greenhouse automatically waters the garden beds. Note the gray pipe encircling the greenhouse from above the beds.

A new water irrigation system is up-and-running now in our largest Border Partners greenhouse. For the first installation, we chose the greenhouse located on the site of the Education Center. Our garden program coordinator Juanita first researched the proposed set up. After doing a cost analysis, Border Partners committed to the project.

Already, the installed irrigation system has accelerated crop growth on the most recent plantings. All the growth you can see in these January photos are new plants. In December, we harvested and distributed the last round of crops. That was a component of the Food Basket distribution event. There’s significant new growth this month. Automated watering makes that happen. 

Greenhouse Irrigation as Investment 

Another advantage of this system is its connection to the rainwater collection tank on the site. This collection tank allows us to capture untreated rain water. The water is unmetered by the local municipal system. Thus, at no cost to us, we’re able to water the crops when collected rainwater is available.

We are pleased that we’re finding new ways to be more efficient with our crops, especially now during the pandemic. The garden program is a great resource for healthy, fresh green vegetables. This irrigation upgrade was well worth its portion of the $400 total project expense. Donations from supporters will fund this improvement.

We’ll continue to construct water irrigation systems in our remaining community greenhouses. In the arid desert environment, water is life. Water, coupled with fertile soil, is pivotal for the production of healthy fresh food. We’re pleased and proud of our new method to boost crop production.


Hear the sound of running water as the new irrigation system drips from the elevated pipe onto the thirsty garden beds below.

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