Fostering business in Palomas: Welcome, El Boton Loco!

Smiles greet you at El Boton Loco

Marea's beaming smile greets shoppers at El Boton Loco, newest business in Palomas, Mexico.

When local artisans decided to launch a downtown business to sell their crafts in Palomas, we at Border Partners were happy to provide them some support. Peter Edmunds found building materials to create a “back room” for the women to use for an office and workspace and some donated pink paint to freshen the appearance of the storefront. The store is neat, clean and filled with cheerful sunshine.

storefront for El Boton Loco

Pink paint trim came courtesy of Border Partners, who found some mis-matched paint to freshen the exterior.

The store, called El Boton Loco [Crazy Button] is up-and-running now, selling not only handmade crafts but also crafting supplies for other do-it-yourselfers. It’s located on the east side of the main street of Palomas on the south end of town.

Border Partners is also actively recruiting the donation of a used golf cart to transport U.S. tourist/customers up and down the main street of Palomas. That will increase the flow of  purchasers to this and other businesses. Do contact us if you have any leads on a potential golf cart donation.

Fostering economic development, one of Border Partners’ key missions, is also one of its most challenging goals. We congratulate these women-workers who are leading the way, equipped with their ambition and hard work…and supported by Border Partners.



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