Building playgrounds, Building trust

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New equipment in Pancho Villa Park was ready for action on April 30, Children’s Day, in Palomas–and just in time for some summer fun.

When we offered to add some activity-oriented gear to improve health and community in the town,
the mayor suggested we start with that park. It was lovely, located in the midst of a residential area,
but barren of much to do and outfitted with not much more than a platform gazebo in the center.

student volunteersPeter Edmunds and Tom Nickodemus headed up the effort, but started by meeting
with the park’s neighbors to determine what they would like to see in the park. Efforts faltered some
when the people’s low expectations hindered consistent follow through. Neighbors were polite, but it seemed that
they were skeptical that much would really develop from our offer. We had the feeling that they had been disappointed
in the past from promises made but not kept.

Peter and Tom stayed with the goal nevertheless,
and Marisol–one of our Palomas promoters–met with the coordinators of volunteers at the town’s prepatoria/high school
where students must contribute hours of service as a requirement. Teams of students signed up to help build equipment.

Now there are several sturdy pieces of well-built playground equipment delighting the children. Volleyball area is ready for teams,
and we’ll arrange to have three-on-three basketball league at the park…and two more volleyball areas for the older ones.

volleyball area

So now we’re all proud of the improved park.
And we at Border Partners are even more pleased with the trust that we’re earning on the Border.
When we work together and share our resources, life is better for everyone…right down to the smallest among us!

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