Border Partners Celebrates 20th Cabalgata Binacional Villista in Palomas

Pancho Villa

The 20th Annual Cabalgata commemorates the memory of Pancho Villa and strengthens border unity.

Earlier in March, Palomas and Columbus celebrated the 20th Cabalgata Binacional Villista. Border Partners received a letter from the Presidencia of Palomas which invited Juan Rascon and Samantha Apodaca to join their festivities and explained the tradition as:

“el evento de la Cabalgata Binacional Villista es ya un evento tradicional en el que se conmemora el ataque del general Francisco Villa al poblado de Columbus, y que hoy en dia se convierte en un evento mediante el cual se estrechan los lazos de hermandad entre los municipios participantes, incluidia la poblacion fronteriza norteamericana del estado de Nuevo Mexico.”

“The event of the Binational Villista Parade is a traditional event commemorating General Francisco Villa’s attack on the town of Columbus, which today has become an event through which the bonds of brotherhood between the participating municipalities are strengthened, including the North American border population of the state of New Mexico.”

“I was truly honored to be a part of Mexico’s celebration, it is a memory that I will cherish, and I am very proud to be a part of an organization that is recognized and respected by the Palomas community.” ~Samantha

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