Summarizing a Year’s Impact: 2022 Annual Report

When each day is full, a year can be hard to quantify. But, each year, we add up the accomplishments Border Partners rightfully claims in Palomas. Each class, each meal, each crop–they all benefit the community, as one-by-one, each individual benefits.

2022 Annual Report

The numbers tell a story of many good works done well. But behind the numbers are the untold stories of many people in need who received comfort, nutrition, skills and acceptance. 

We are only able to accomplish what others gift to us. In sharing this post, and in sharing these numbers, we humbly thank all the people and groups who have trusted us to use their generosity wisely and well. Click the image to enlarge. Alternatively, download the pdf to see it at full size. 

2022 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

With Grateful Hearts

We’re grateful for all the good work accomplished in Palomas in 2022. But, we’re not resting. We’re looking forward. There’s much to do. This week, we’re prioritizing with our staff on-the-ground in Palomas to determine what needs we can fulfill in 2023. 

With your help, more work will be done. And Palomas will come out ahead in 2023. Thanks.

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