Project Manager Viky Ibarra named Outstanding Woman 2024 in Ascensión Municipality

Municipality President Ivón de la Hoya (l) presents Viky Ibarra (r) the award certificate “Outstanding Woman 2024.”

Border Partners Project Manager Viky Ibarra received a distinction of honor as “Outstanding Woman 2024.” It was awarded this month from the presidency of Ascensión by Ivón de la Hoya. Ascención is the capital of Ascensión Municipality, the municipality to which Puerto Palomas belongs. This honor celebrated International Women’s Day in Chihuahua, Mexico at the Ascensión Civic hall.

Viky’s outstanding social work in the community earned the outstanding recognition. The award highlights her service to the community and her activities to support older adults and more vulnerable people in the state.

Viky humbly states, “I am happy that they’ve given me this recognition.”

Border Partners General Manager Juan Rascon does not hold back, stating: “I am very proud of Viky, and she deserves to be recognized. Viky is founder and president of her community’s Lions Club and is also secretary and administrator of Puerto Palomas volunteer firefighters.”

Viky has been employed at Border Partners for 12 years. She worked eight years as a health promoter, and has served the last three years as the coordinator of the team of health promoters. As coordinator, she tracks expenses, makes the schedule, and files monthly reports. She also visits local schools to promote public health awareness and healthy eating. In addition, she serves Border Partners as Assistant General Manager.

Viky Ibarra lives with her partner David Casillas, Captain of volunteer firefighters. They have two children, Jennifer Lopez and Emmanuel Casillas. Her family, she says, are proud of her achievements and goals.

Women Leadership

Polly Edmunds, Border Partners founder, saw Viky’s leadership skills grow. She recalls Viky’s early days of employment “as a shy, quiet young woman.” But, Polly has seen Viky develop. She says that Viky has become “a self-confident, respected leader often initiating ideas for projects and suggesting solutions to difficult problems.”

As Viky looks to the future, she hopes to continue contributing more of herself, in her own words: “to my people and to be able to continue helping whomever needs it. She appreciates the support she feels from her Border Partners colleagues. She finds meaning in her work through contact with her community and in the opportunity to help and serve them.

We at Border Partners feel very fortunate to have Viky on our team.

Viky’s award as outstanding social worker joined awards to four other women of the Ascensión Municipality, each outstanding in a unique field:
• Sportsman: Hortensia Marín Luján, better known as Tencha
• Professional: Prof. Rosa de la Luz Carreon Rubio, teacher Rosy
• Businesswoman: Armida Herrera Simental
• Entrepreneur: Ramona Rubio Pérez, better known as Rosita.

The group of women honored by the presidency of the municipality of Ascensión.