Border Partners toy-making workshops assist Santa, Palomas parents

Parents intently participate in toy making workshop

Palomas parents flocked to the annual toy-making workshop December 10.

This post written by: Peter Edmunds, Co-founder & Board of Directors member of Border Partners

After two days of of our first-ever parent toy making workshops I begin to wonder what these Palomas parents think of me and my boxes of hundreds of parts for toy trucks. This year is at least the fifth time we’ve made toy trucks in Palomas. The town must be full of them!

truck for "Debbie"

for "Debbie"

But, if  my head wonders what the parents think of these Christmas projects I organize, my heart really knows. You see, I noticed that most of the 40 trucks that the parents made this weekend had a child’s name painted on them. Watching the concentration of the parents working on the trucks was a joy in itself.

Doll comes to life!

Doll comes to life!

Something new for Palomas this year was the build-a-doll workshop at an adjacent table. Lots of volunteers set us up with cloth casings for dolls that parents could stuff, and with crafty supplies parents could use to personalize and decorate their doll. Volunteer Kara Nabor of Williamsburg, NM, who brought us many of those supplies, said the “very nice dolls” she saw showed how creatively the parents used the buttons, yarn and bric-a-brac to create their child’s new companion.

This week we’ll make 60 more trucks at the middle school.  Each 8th grader will make two trucks: one for a little brother of sister and one to donate to the local welfare/social services office. They’ll give it to a child in need of a Christmas gift.

joyful creation

A mom joyfully creates her gift.

This is one of the most satisfying projects we do in Palomas.  Everyone benefits:

  • the local woodworkers who earn a few bucks for making the truck parts,
  • the child who gets a special gift on Christmas morning,
  • the parent who gets a chance to be creative and give something special to their child
  • …and me. In fact, I get tears in my eyes just thinking about all the joy a few scraps of wood have generated.

 Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas to all…from “Santa Pete” and all of us at Border Partners!


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