Rotary International awards education grant to Border Partners

Education Center

The Education Center addition at the Palomas Library will receive a grant from Rotary International.

Through the efforts of the Silver City (NM) Rotary Club, Border Partners will receive a major grant from the Rotary International.  The full monetary award of $16,250 will outfit the new Education Center recently build by Border Partners in Palomas.

This funding will pay for computer technology, software and a wireless printer.  We’re now able to obtain desktop computers, laptops and tablets as well as a server to network them.

In addition, thanks to this grant, the Education Center will be equipped with the latest in electronic audiovisual equipment: a projector, a white board and interactive stylus, and a large television suitable for viewing by a class. The Rotary funding will also provide security equipment and the resources needed to set up all the new equipment.
Rotary International

Rotary International logo as it is displayed on a memorial at El Paso’s Archaeology Museum

In order to apply for the Rotary International grant, the Silver City Rotary Club secured the support of their District here in the U.S. and also searched out a Rotary Club in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico to co-sponsor the project, since there is not a local Rotary Club in Palomas.  Each of the two local Rotary Clubs pledged money to the project.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the SC Rotary Club, especially Kathy Eaton, Sunny Yates and Elizabeth Silva who were the committee members responsible. With their valuable assistance, the Education Center will be fully equipped with equipment designed to deliver educational materials to the border community in Palomas.
With the assistance of the Rotary International, the people of Palomas will see their dream of accessing educational advancement  opportunities fulfilled–right in their own town.