Border Partners’ Annual Report 2020

Border Partners is celebrating twelve years working with the people of Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico. By working together with many generous supporters in the United States, lives there have improved considerably since 2008. But this year was unusual due to the pandemic. In this Report 2020, we outline our response: HEAL 7 Annual Report 2020 Final (PDF)

Border Partners’ GOAL

Through the years, we haven’t wavered: We respond to the needs of the people in Palomas. When we share the resources they need to accomplish their goals, they can improve their own community. So we always:

  • Support projects that empower Mexican people to learn new skills, take responsibility and assume leadership.
  • Remember that “teaching a person to fish is better than giving them a fish.”
  • Prepare for the day when Mexicans will take over all aspects of this work.


We’re very proud that we’ve made significant progress toward these commitments.
● A strong team of leaders in Palomas now take major responsibility for planning and executing projects.
● Many local people are now convinced that it’s possible to improve life in their community. (This wasn’t true when we started.)
● Thousands of adults and children in Palomas participate in Border Partners’ activities that promote health throughout the year.

What was new in 2020?

The major activity of all staff this year was to respond to the critical need seniors and families have for food during the pandemic when work is so scarce.
Since March, 2020, our health promotoras have prepared and delivered more than 4011 healthy, hot meals to twenty isolated seniors every weekday.
They have also prepared and distributed 491 food baskets to needy families in Palomas and the surrounding towns.

Other changes in 2020

We welcomed a new General Manager – Melissa Reyes.
The staff refurbished a new, more centrally located Border Partners Center. Finally, we operate from a building that is big enough to provide office and classroom space for our entire staff.
The Education/Computer Center will remain near the town library.

Because of virus restrictions, we were not able to continue all our usual activities. However, our creative team in Palomas continued the successful programs below, despite the virus, making necessary modifications to make sure everyone was safe.

  • Free health screenings. The promotoras provided 1,600 of these vital blood pressure and glucose checks at their office or out in the community between January and October.
  • Supporting home gardeners including 30 who have greenhouses and 60 with raised bed gardens.
  • Raising healthy food for the community in two large greenhouses.
  • Offering free zumba exercise classes. Despite the fact that restrictions kept them from having classes from April-September, the promotoras led 200 one-hour, outdoor, distanced classes in 2020.

This progress has been possible because Border Partners has a strong team of donors, foundations, volunteers, board members. We rely primarily and most importantly on the empowered citizens of Palomas working together to transform their community.