Making the Palomas, Mexico desert bloom: Border Partners’ garden promoter is “peachy”

Palomas, Mexico peach tree

Peach tree is in full bloom in Palomas, Mexico. Thanks to Juana and Border Partners there will be many more.

Border Partners’ garden promoter is quite literally doing a “peachy” job; she’s making the desert soil of Palomas, Mexico bloom. A recent visit during a spring garden tour verified that the peach trees are in full bloom in Juana Lozoya Ortega’s home garden.

Juana readies peach saplings to share with Palomas gardeners.

Juana readies peach saplings to share with Palomas gardeners.

Juana is carefully cutting slips from her initial peach tree and rooting them. When they are ready, she plants them in soil and watchs them launch into seedlings, then saplings. She’s founding a veritable orchard to share with her neighbors.

The blossoms are lovely, and they pop against the deep blue desert sky in the blinding Palomas sunshine.

But, even more mind-popping is the story of how Juana began this project: she planted a peach pit seed.

This is the resourcefulness that characterizes the people of Palomas. They will transform their town.

We are proud of Juana’s abilities and respect her generous heart. And we admire her ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Even a lowly peach pit can be put to good use.

Juana Lozoya Ortega

Juana Lozoya Ortega (left) consults with a Palomas gardener about spring planting.