New Lion’s Club in Palomas will collaborate in promoting health

With our support, the Juárez Chamizal Lions Club offered free eye exams and free eyeglass frames. In total, 1160 exams were conducted throughout the community, both among children and adults.

On October 29, Border Partners staff and founders attended the inauguration of Palomas’ new local chapter of the International Lions Club.  We’re especially proud that our head health promoter, Viky Ibarra, takes on the role of Chapter President. The International Lions Club is a non-profit organization with more than 1.4 million members worldwide.

Several other members of our staff, including General Manager Juan Rascon, also became new founding members of the local chapter. This ensures that the club has commitment from people across Palomas to begin its activities in the coming months. Working together will also help us further our common goals and more efficiently improve life for residents of Palomas.

The new Lion’s Club worked with the Juarez Chapter to provide new eyeglasses to students in need.

The international organization has several top project priorities. Their priorities coincide with our Border Partners’ mission. They include: 

  • environmental protection,
  • combating hunger, and
  • improving health.

The new Lions Club Chapter provides local actors through their membership with the resources they need to enact this vision. In addition, the local chapter will collaborate with other chapters across the region to coordinate actions to accomplish those goals.


New Lions Club Begins Work Immediately

Border Partners health promoter Viky Ibarra (right) is the president of the new Lions Club chapter in Palomas. Our General Manager, Juan Rascon (center), is a founding member.

Indeed, the Lions Club of Palomas has taken no time to start making a positive difference in the community. Since the local chapter inauguration last month, they have administered vision tests to children in local schools across Palomas. They’ve also provided free eyeglasses to local students diagnosed with poor vision . This contribution will surely be invaluable to students’ future educational success. We’re glad that our efforts to improve education intersect with those of the Lions Club.

More recently, Lions Club members were present to support Border Partners’ autumn health fair activities by distributing eye glasses to community members in need. Presently, we are working jointly to coordinate a large shipment of school supplies across the border.

Border Partners envisions a collaborative future with local actors such as the Lions Club striving to make a change. Congratulations to Juan, Viky, and everyone who made this possible!