New Palomas Mayor: Precipitates Both a Crisis and a Gift

Last Friday, we visited city hall to meet Puerto Palomas’ newly-elected mayor, Estanislao Sanchez Bujanda.

We introduced ourselves and conducted our routine business. But then the Mayor told us he planned to ask Border Partners to move out of the city buildings we use: the funeral building and coop.

What bad news!! We need these buildings for our woodworking shop and space for the Promotoras, the oilcloth group and Marisol’s exercise class to meet.

After much discussion with him, we finally suggested that the Mayor visit the buildings and see what we do there.

“OK,” he agreed, “I’ll be there in one hour.”  

Acting quickly, we summoned everyone:
  • our staff and representatives,
  • the oilcloth group,
  • the promotoras,
  • the gardeners, the sewing class, the cooking class,
  • the exercise class.
Over 20 people were waiting when the mayor arrived. And–almost every one spoke up to say what they did there and how much they valued Border Partners’ programs.
Mayor Sanchez meeting

Townspeople hurried to an impromptu meeting with new Palomas Mayor Sanchez to explain the importance of allowing Border Partners’ use of buildings owned by the city of Pto. Palomas.

Mayor Sanchez [far left in photo above] toured our beautiful demonstration gardens and the nearby ed center. His eyes were opened to the many ways we use those buildings.

“I had no idea!” he exclaimed.

And, as a result, we can stay!

The community immediately mobilized to intervene, and that made the difference. 

This speaks powerfully: Border Partners plays a vital part in their lives. They literally dropped everything and responded immediately to speak this truth to the town’s chief executive.

Knowing this is the best gift we could receive this season!