Border Partners’ 12th Semi-Annual Health Fair – 12a Feria de salud semestral de Border Partners

healthy exercise

The 12th annual Health Fair is a celebration of good health in Palomas.

Free haircuts

Join us Friday April 26th, from 10am to 4pm, at the main plaza in Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico!
There will be FREE diabetes, hypertension and HIV detection, children and adult vaccinations, anti-rabies vaccinations, oral health screenings, renewal of insurance, healthy burritos, cardiovascular exercises (ZUMBA), activities for children, family planning counseling, advice on nutrition (NUTRIOLOGO), addiction counseling (CAPA – Addiction Care Center), eyesight testing, gardening tips, and haircuts! ALL FOR FREE!

Download flier in English HERE

displays and consultations

Displays and consultations

¡Únase a nosotros el viernes 26 de abril, de 10am a 4pm, en la plaza principal de Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, México!
Habra GRATIS detecciones de diabetes, hipertensión y VIH, para niños y adulto vacunación y antirrábica, detecciones de salud bucal, Afiliación Y renovación del SEGURO POPULAR, Demostración del burrito saludable, Ejercicios cardiovascular (ZUMBA), Actividades para niños (JUEGOS), Asesoría de planificación familiar, Asesoría en nutrición (NUTRIOLOGO, Asesoría en adicciones, (CAPA – Centro de Atención para Adicciones), Detecciones de la vista, Jardinería, Concurso para niños de talento, y Corte de cabello, TODO GRATIS!

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Earth Day Health Fair 2018

health and earth Day

Vigorous exercise–with or without added weights–made faces explode with pure joy during the Earth Day Health Fair 2018.

by Samantha Apodaca

As we drove into Palomas on Saturday morning, April 21, for Earth Day Health Fair 2018 the main thoroughfare felt abnormally empty and sleepy. But, as we traveled a few blocks south, we heard music and turned towards it. There we were greeted by a park decorated with people talking, laughing and dancing.

free haircuts

Participants were treated to free haircuts at the Health Fair.

Children were weaving in and out of cones, jumping over hurdles, swinging hula-hoops, riding bikes – the obstacle course appeared to be a hit!

Up the street from where the kids played, a blue tent belted out upbeat Mexican songs. In front of that tent, a group of girls and women jumped and swayed. Juana, our exercise instructor, led them in beat. Some were wearing work-out garb, others wore traditional Tarahumara dress. But all were wearing belly dancing skirts Juana knew would excite them into participating.

Further up the street, a bouncy house balloon heaved and sagged. The kids inside were giggling and jumping high as they could, showing-off to their parents who stood and watched.

Freebees at Earth Day Health Fair 2018

health services crafts

Health services and crafts from recycled produces coexisted peacefully.

Earth Day Health Fair 2018.

Snacks can be healthy and earth-friendly, like the free treats at Earth Day Health Fair 2018.

Wrapping around the corner was a line of tents and tables. The first offered free haircuts. The second provided free health check-ups. The third tent gave free vegetable seeds to those waiting in line. And, the fourth handed out free healthful food. Each stand was lined with people awaiting their turn. Meanwhile they stayed entertained by all the activity surrounding them.

I walked among all the commotion, snapping photos in an attempt to capture the overwhelming feelings of liveliness and togetherness to share with you. This is also an important effort as donations from our followers support events such as this.

So please, continue your generosity and help to create more blissful days for the people of Palomas.

All photos from Earth Day Health Fair 2018 by Samantha Apodaca

Promotoras provide services to 200 at 2016 Health Fair

oral exam

Palomas residents received many health services free of charge at the 2016 Health Fair.

Our Promotoras (Health Promoters) 2016 Health Fair took place “front and center” in Palomas’ main plaza. Approximately 200 Palomas residents took advantage of a wide range of services given freely to people of all ages.

Promotoras provided tetanus vaccinations and glucose tests to fair participants. They also gave away 60 containers of Folic Acid and over 150 condoms. Local dentist, Dr. Karla of American Dental, provided free oral health examinations. Palomas firemen vaccinated 50 dogs for rabies. Staff from Prevemovil performed health evaluations. These evaluations identified 15 people at risk for nutritional and medical problems.

The 2016 Health Fair also highlighted the importance of good nutrition and exercise. The Promotoras prepared and served 200 nutritious vegetarian burritos. Local children enjoyed jumping on trampolines. They also participated in footraces and other physical activities.

Community Support

The Fairs also owes its success to the assistance that several groups and individuals gave the Promotoras.

  • The Binational Health Council (COBINA) covered the cost of materials and supplies for the Fair with their generous funding.
  • Scott Davies of Columbus donated a new shade shelter.
  • Peppers Supermarket contributed a significant 50% discount on all food served at the fair.
  • Needy local residents left the Fair carrying bags of pinto beans, thanks to a tremendous donation from Diaz Farms.

Despite some problems with the electrical service, the Promotoras successfully presented models of good nutrition and physical activity at the 2016 Health Fair. Their efforts promote positive changes in the health habits of the community.


Promotoras sponsor successful October Health Fair

blood pressure check

Promotoras offered free blood pressure checks for all at the October Health Fair.

Our health promoters [promotoras] sponsored a free health fair at Pancho Villa Park in Pto. Palomas this month on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5. With financial assistance from the Columbus, Luna County-Palomas Binational Health Council and donations from businesses in Pto. Palomas, they were able to provide a wide variety of health-related activities, open to all at no cost to participants.

Mayor checks gluose

Pto. Palomas Mayor Chacon visited the booth to have his glucose checked.

In addition to the blood pressure screening (as seen in the photo at the top of this post, the  promotoras offered blood glucose screening and a wide variety of written health information.  They also arranged for free haircuts to emphasize the importance of personal hygiene.

Local participants enjoyed nutritious, healthy, and delicious home-made burritos, composed from whole wheat tortilla, beans, veggies and cheese. There were games for the children, and zumba dancing for everyone!

Even the local dogs could benefit from free rabies shots at the fair. It was an activity that assisted their owners, too.

On Friday, a mobile health clinic staffed with a doctor, a nurse, a dentist and free medications arrived from Chihuahua City to serve the Health Fair attendees.

The promotoras were outstanding in every way, including their professional appearance in red shirts and name badges.

Click HERE to visit our Flickr set to see photos of many aspects of this wonderful event.


Palomas Health Fair combined action, education and enjoyment

by Polly Edmunds

glucose screening

Promotoras offered free screenings for blood glucose levels at the free Health Fair in Palomas. The boy in the foreground is examining a box of free children’s vitamins that was distributed at the event.

The Promotoras and Centro Salud staff deserve hearty congratulations for conducting a wonderful health fair last Saturday, April 13 in the Central Park in Palomas.  Both groups together planned an ambitious list of activities. Thanks to their hard work, everything ran smoothly.  A big thank you goes to COBINA–the Binational Health Council–for providing the funding that made it possible!

healthy burritos

People loved the free, healthy burritos that the Promotoras served.

The Promotoras checked blood pressure and glucose levels. They also served free burritos on whole wheat tortillas with vegies from their gardens plus donated ones they received from stores in town. The grocery stores also donated fresh fruit and bottled water so that was available, as well.

Thanks to Healthy Start in Deming, they were able give some prizes to children for participating, as well as pamphlets on health topics to their parents.  Books are Gems, an El Paso nonprofit organization, also donated some children’s books to give away.

Dr. Carrasco and her assistant administered free rabies shots for many local dogs. They also brought children’s vitamins, Border Binational Health Week caps, and lots of literature to give away.

zumba session

Marisol Guillen offered free zumba lessons to enthusiastic participants.

Zumba sessions through the day and a jumping cage set up for the kids were very popular!

In addition, the Promotoras asked students from the beauty school in town to give free haircuts.  Many people who had not been able to have a haircut for a long time were very happy to receive this service.

This health fair was very successful and I hope it will prove to be the first of many joint projects for Centro Salud and the Promotoras.

Click this link to view a survey of photos from the day at our Flickr site. You will see what I mean!

COBINA, the health fair event sponsor, is the Columbus, Luna County, Palomas regional health council. We appreciate their support so much.