New dirt bike track open for competitions and fun in Palomas

In the YouTube video (above) enjoy your opportunity to see the dirt track on its first day of use. “Bravo, bravo,” cheers the crowd of onlookers as the kids cautiously navigate the dips and rises between the ridges of the track, doing their best to improve their time while avoiding an embarassing wipe-out.

On two hot days in June, twenty volunteers from Palomas–supported by our staff at their sides–hoisted picks and shovels. Their job: to move a huge pile of gravel around a parcel of donated land. The goal: to make humps and bumps in a large serpentine track so kids could try a new way of riding their bikes. A dirt bike track is an excellent way for kids to get some good exercise while having a whole lot of fun.  

The Palomas town water department donated the use of their equipment. And, they even donated a driver for the two days of dirt bike track construction. The track officially opened for action in July.

The dirt bike track is located on a 200’ x 200’ lot that is surrounded by a four foot plastic fence. Now that it’s finished, the track has a ridge to delineate it. It contains approximately 20 small jumps. The track is only wide enough to accomodate one rider at a time. But it can still host competitions. The competitors in races will be stopwatch-timed so that they’ll be racing the clock.  

The YouTube video at the top of this post gives you the opportunity to peek in to Mexico and watch the track in action on the very first day. Hear the cheers of the crowd and experience the exhileration of competition. All this activity and involvement builds healthy bodies and resilient kids.