How Border Partners Makes a Difference in Puerto Palomas


The Border Partners staff are forward-looking and keep their eyes on their goals.

Every day we are aware of how wonderful the staff we have in Palomas are!  Recently, Peter decided to ask them to write about what Border Partners means to them.  Their statements show the efficacy of our presence on the border. We appreciate our supporters who make that possible! With their help, life is improving for individuals and for the community.

Their responses illustrate concrete ways life has changed for the better for Palomas and its inhabitants:

Juana F: I personally benefitted from the Day One with Border Partners—both in health and economically.

Juana Flores

Health: Previously, I lived with depression and now, by working, I can keep my mind busy. Moreover, my children have had a chance to receive education, unlike me. But now I don’t feel so keenly that I am different from them.

Economically: Now I can support my children monetarily. I was able to build my little house, so I have a nice place for when my children come to visit me.

In my Palomas community: More families have changed their eating habits and eat more vegetables and live better. Through gardening they save some money for their families.

Griselda: Thanks to my employment with Border Partners, I have been able to support my children. And, I’m able to help my community by teaching good nutrition and promoting physical activity, among other things

Many people in Palomas have achieved goals due to the education opportunities and the projects that Border Partners has offered.

Juan R.: Border Partners gives me the opportunity to serve my community through my role as a Community Coordinator. I’m thankful to be part of something so great, working with an amazing group of people. And also I get to meet other outstanding individuals, such as the Board of Directors who give their valuable time and knowledge for the benefit of my community.

Juan Rascon

Border Partners’ projects have brought improvements for the elderly of Palomas. Important areas in the community–such as nutrition, gardening, physical activity, and health–are stronger due to the programs Border Partners sponsors. Border Partners also supports education.

Lunch supplement programs–such as the assistance given to Ford Elementary School students–are clearly visible and felt community-wide.


Adrian: Border Partners has made me a better person. I’ve learned how to help other people and feel good about it. Border Partners affected my family, too. Now my children have more public places to be physically active.

Juan: Border Partners has had an effect on me personally by helping me to improve myself and teach people in my community about their health and physical activity. My family has also improved because I have a source of employment.

The impact that Border Partners has had in Palomas is visible. Many townspeople are very grateful for the benefits they’ve received and for improvements in local health and education.

Juana LazoyaJuana: Personally, Border Partners has made an important impact: I changed my lifestyle and learned many things, especially regarding my health. Through Border Partners’ employment, I have a source of money to support my family and now I’m able to buy necessities that I could not afford before.

In my Palomas community in my career as a Border Partners project coordinator, I’ve learned skills to teach others about a healthy diet, how to live an active lifestyle, and many more important things.