80 More Bikes for Palomas

bicycle helpers

With lots of help from the Unitarian Universalist Church in Silver City along with other Border Partners volunteers we’re outfitting Palomas with 80 bicycles donated by Bikeworks in Silver City, NM.

Bicycling! It’s an efficient, healthy, and inexpensive way to get around town. And Palomas is rapidly becoming a biking community. Bikeworks, a nonprofit community bicycle workshop located in Silver City, NM recently followed up on their generous bicycle donation of last fall with 80 more bicycles this month.

With the help of a wonderful group of volunteers from the Unitarian Universalist Church in Silver City and our weekly volunteer Juan Velasco who helped Border Partners staff load the bikes, we imported this massive donation this month.

Local border residents assisted. Bill Knauss loaned us a truck large enough to transport all of these newly-donated bikes. Don Farber helped us unload them all in the dark, thus making what Border Partners’ Peter Edmunds termed: “the end of a perfect day.” We appreciate all this help!

All needed repairs on the used bicycles will be made by Francisco, a repairman in Palomas. Donations to Border Partners will pay him, thereby providing local employment, and will also supply the necessary bicycle parts.

These bicycles will augment the weekly community bike ride that the local health promoters lead every Saturday afternoon in Palomas.  These promotoras arrange that 20-30 of the donated bikes are available for the weekly ride so that people who do not own bikes can participate.

Palomas community members can “earn” themselves a personal bicycle  by volunteering at the bike ride or on other Border Partners’ projects, for instance, by assisting in the community garden project.

We’re hoping soon to be able to build a covered bicycle storage garage to protect them from the weather.  Donations toward this project are welcome and would facilitate this goal. Donations can be make online on our website or sent by check to our office. Donations can be designated toward particular projects–like the future bicycle storage facility.

Upcoming bike events are already scheduled for this spring. This includes a bide ride on April 14 and the construction of a dirt bike track by Palomas schoolchildren on May 14.
donated bikes

We’ll rehabilitate these donated bicycles that arrived in Palomas.