Promotoras expand work with pregnant women and new moms

The Director of the Children’s Medical Office in Casas Grandes answers questions of the new and expectant mothers in the Border Partners’ office. Information and gifts (on the table on the right) enriched the workshop.

In early August, the Border Partners Promotoras took an online training about nursing and newborn care. Vicky Ibarra, a current promotora, is also the mother of a newborn right now. So, with the assistance of her child, the women could practice their care techniques with a real newborn.

Moms and babies benefitted from the August 24 training in Palomas for expectant and new mothers.

Following up on that training, on Tuesday, August 24th, four trainers from the Children’s Medical Office in Casas Grandes came to Palomas to conduct a workshop in our Border Partners’ office with six pregnant women and three mothers of newborns.  The training team included the Director, a child psychologist, a nutritionist and a nurse.

Neonatal skills workshop

This team of experts taught these new mothers about the importance of breastfeeding and about key milestones in early child development (mental and physical).  They provided the pregnant woman and new mothers who participated in the workshop with important tips for starting their babies/toddlers out with a healthy diet. In addition to the value of beginning nutrition with breast milk, they learned about the importance of including abundant vegetables and fruits in a child’s diet from an early age.

The child psychologist explained to the women the important connection between the mother and baby that actually begins before birth, in the womb.

Before the next meeting, the nutritionist will prepare each pregnant mom a nutrition plan based on her own health needs.

There were gifts, too! Each participant took home prenatal vitamins, folic acid, some diapers and wipes, and information brochures. The pregnant moms also received a portable crib. These were provided by the Parents as Teachers project in Deming, NM). 

In another happy exchange, one of the participating moms shared that she did not have a car seat for her baby. In response, one of the promotoras gave her a beautiful pink car seat that her daughter had outgrown. 

Everyone is looking forward to another, follow-up training in September. 

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