Our new general manager: Melissa Reyes

Melissa Reyes, Border Partners’ General Manager

by Melissa Reyes

I was born and raised in Colorado, however, my parents are both Mexican and my first language growing up was Spanish. I am so proud of my roots and I hold this very close to my heart. I love Mexico and I am really humbled to be working with Border Partners and being of service for my people, “mis paisanos.”

When I decided to move to Deming, NM I would never have thought that working for a non-profit organization would be an option. The more research and information I received about Border Partners, the more passionate I became about being a part of this amazing project. Serving others and being a resource for my community is my passion and a responsibility I do not take lightly.

After meeting the board members and the founders of Border Partners, I was left speechless for their passion, unselfishness and help they offer to our neighboring country. How they created and established a helping hand without expecting anything in return!

I look forward to a bright future with Border Partners!

1 thought on “Our new general manager: Melissa Reyes”

  1. Welcome!
    We hope BP will be able to continue to grow especially in the area of locals taking more control of the direction they want from BP.

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