Many Palomas lives improved last month–in multiple ways.

We’re improving lives in Palomas. No life is too small to overlook.

YES, it was another busy month in Palomas. Here’s what happened:

During July 2022, the Border Partners Promotoras

  • checked  blood pressure and glucose for 154 people who came to their office and for 11 adults in the Central Park,
  • arranged for a presentation to nine pregnant women about fetal development,
  • administered 75 COVID tests,
  • prepared and delivered 534 hot meals to 26 isolated seniors,
  • conducted 22 Zumba classes and
  • distributed food baskets to 20 needy families in each of three nearby communities (total 60 baskets),
  • organized and presented an art class to seven isolated seniors

All the staff organized another bike ride in July. Two people repaired eight bikes so the kids could ride along with the others. In all, 25 children and 8 adults participated.

Border Partners–and especially our staff–were recognized by two local schools: the Secundaria and the Ramon Espinoza Elementary School–for the exceptional support they provide.

What’s coming up?  

The Promotoras will be presenting our annual summer school during the first week of August. School starts again for the kids in Palomas about the middle of the month.  

In September, some new and notable activities: 

  • There will be an Open House at the Education Center to show off our new computer equipment which was purchased to honor the memory of Eddie Diaz from Deming. 
  • Peter Edmunds and Mike McCain will be working with students from the Middle School to make blocks to build houses out of recycled cardboard salvaged from the landfill. These blocks have exceptional insulating ability – much better than cement blocks which is the predominant material used in Palomas. The cardboard they’ll get from the landfill would normally be burned.  More on this later…

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