Workshop aims to improve health–Bi-nationally!

Bonnie Young educates youth

Bonnie Young educates youth at the Palomas prepatoria on the risks of substance abuse during pregnancy.

Border Partners participated in a successful workshop this week that focused on issues of health. Held in Palomas, Mexico, the workshop attracted twenty-five border residents.

Two particularly fine presentations addressed important health concerns that affect our communities. Bonnie Young, a Doctoral Candidate at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque who has an MA in Public Health, spoke about “The Risks of Substance Abuse during Pregnancy.” (see photo, top of post) “Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes,” a presentation by Doctor Elisa Aguilar from the US-Mexico Border Health Commission, tackled another serious border health risk.

Participants showed great interest in the new home garden project. A lottery determined nine families who, working with BP, will build themselves a 4’x4″ raised bed garden.  They won materials for the bed frame, soil,  and selected seeds of plant species that grow well in the winter. In addition, they will receive help planting the garden and help paying their water bill, if it increases due to garden usage of water.  In exchange for the monetary compensation, these nine families simply need to document  their current, pre-garden water bill, attend a class on wise water use and undergo a home assessment of their water use.

Border Partners was also able to give away packets of seeds that are ready-to-plant and bags of dried beans for family food preparation. There was lots of free information available in Spanish on the workshop topics for participants to take home!

Participants enjoyed a healthy lunch cooker in solar cookers: stew of lentils, soy and vegetables with spaghetti squash, beans and tortillas…and watermelon.

Marisol, our Palomas promoter, led an exercise break that included good stretches and easy aerobic moves.  This gave her the opportunity to invite residents to the free exercise classes she offers.

After the workshop for adults, Bonnie Young gave her talk on the risks of substance abuse during pregnancy to the students at the Palomas Prepatoria.

The workshop, one of several held during the Border Binational Health Council, was funded by a grant from the Palomas, Luna County Binational Border Health Council. With your assistance and support, Border Partners is making a difference, helping people receive the tools they need to improve their lives.

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