Paso del Norte Health Foundation To Fund Another Year of Healthy Eating in Palomas

nutrition class elementary school

Children in elementary school benefit from healthy nutrition education. This class enjoyed fruit for a treat.

Border Partners is pleased to announce that we’ve received approval for a second year of funding from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation under their Healthy Eating priority. This Healthy Eating grant will enable us to continue and extend the work we’ve accomplished to further nutrition education in Palomas.

Healthy Eating Grant

This child received her own serving of healthy foods.

During this past year, while using the healthy eating grant, our staff has delivered a comprehensive program of both nutrition and gardening classes to students of all ages in the schools in Palomas. The cooks for the schools’ food service programs also received training about how to include more healthy foods in the lunches they serve. And the teachers attended trainings to learn why it’s so very important to educate children about healthy eating habits.

Each of the five schools now has a year-round greenhouse filled with seasonal, healthy vegetables. The students of the schools plant the vegetables, and the school cooks can use them in lunches. In addition to our biannual community health fair, this grant enabled us to conduct a health fair at each school, targeting each program for their own special needs. We also participated in two health fairs for all the preschools in the area.

Looking to 2025

Now, thanks to continued support from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation – our partner for nearly a decade – we can expand our activities and offer Palomas students more opportunities to learn and grow. We are so grateful for the longstanding support from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation for the Healthy Eating grant.

Obesity, diabetes and hypertension are serious health concerns in Mexico. There is much work to do to prevent disease through healthy eating. Equipped with the Healthy Eating grant, we’re looking forward to working together to prepare students for a healthy future.