Education Center extends Internet access in Puerto Palomas


students at education center

Middle school students are engrossed by opportunities to learn on an electronic tablet.

The Education Center we constructed last year today offers citizens of Puerto Palomas the opportunity to learn computer technology, to study math, English and do Internet research. Building on the Internet access of the Puerto Palomas library, to which the Education Center is attached, the Education Center extends the Internet to more citizens.

The technology lab is equipped with ten desktop computers, three laptops, 11 tablets and a printer.  Border Partners provides staff to help learners access appropriate online classes via the Internet.

Currently the primary use of the Education Center’s tech lab is to help individuals learning to use computers, to study math, to learn English, to conduct Internet research and to access electronic correspondence.

Middle school students are particularly enthusiastic patrons of the new Education Center. Attendance at the lab averages between 20-25 people every afternoon.

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