Opening and Dedication of Palomas Education Center to be October 18

Education Center

Education Center addition (right) at Palomas Municipal Library.

After years of fundraising and planning, construction and setting up equipment, Border Partners is ready to invite the public to come to the new Education Center of Pto. Palomas!  We hope you will join us for a Celebration and Dedication of the Center on Saturday, October 18!

This Center was made possible by the hard work of many dedicated individuals, groups and foundations!  It is the realization of a dream for many people who live in Pto. Palomas and will stand as a true monument to international friendship and committment.  We are confident that it will serve, for years to come, as a place where people of all ages can come to learn, to advance their education, acquire skills and to communicate with family and friends.

Activities of the day

The event will include an official opening of the Center at 1:30 pm, tours and demonstrations of the Center’s technology equipment, music and refreshments!  In addition, the Palomas Promotoras will hold a Health Fair. Visitors can also view demonstrations of other Border Partners’ projects and tour our large demonstration garden on site.

The Center is located two blocks south of the Pemex gas station [located south on the main street of Palomas] and four blocks west. It is adjacent to the Public Library.

We’re providing free Rides between the Education Center & The Pink Store for this event. Rides will leave The Pink Store every hour at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 and leave the Education Center on the hour from 2-5 PM.

Sponsors and Supporters

The Education Center was produced by donations, hard work and dedication of the following major contributors. 

The Akerson Family Foundation, Albuquerque, NMinvitation

The Rotary Club of Silver City, NM

The Rotary International Foundation

The Town of Pto. Palomas de Villa under the administrations of both

Pres. Miguel Chacon and Pres. Estanislado Sanchez

The Nason Family Foundation

The Rotary Club of Torreon, Coahuila

The Rotary Club of Ramos Arizpe, A.C.

Paul Allen and Billie Greenwood

Suzanne Baraff

Dominick and Sherry Bassi

Sheila Bjeletich

Barrett and Sebert Brewer

Elizabeth and Ted Burr

William Charland and Phoebe Lawrence

Suzanne Dulle

Peter Edmunds and Polly Thomson Edmunds

Martha Egan

Karl and Barbara Giese

Marisol Guillen

Victor and Yolanda Hesch

Caroline Hughes

Kristine Laverty

Dee Ann McIntyre

Helena Day Myers

Richard and Christine Ouren

Thomas Perley

Juan Rascon

Dagoberto Rodriguez

Marcia and John Rounsaville

Juan Velasco

We are very grateful to everyone!



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