Important Message from Border Partners’ President

Paul Dulin

Paul Dulin, President
Border Partners Board of Directors

A note to all you great supporters:

These times are challenging for all of you. Now the COVID-19 Pandemic surges into the New Mexico-Chihuahua border region. As a binational assistance program, Border Partners faces a real challenge.

So, we’ve retargeted to fight the pandemic.
Our Aim: To soften COVID-19’s impact on the people of Palomas and its surrounding communities.

Our Palomas personnel designed a three-month emergency plan in response to the inevitable spread of Coronavirus. We no longer organize activities in Palomas that require people to gather in groups. We sadly discontinued Zumba and nutrition classes, bicycle rallies, and construction projects that require more than a single worker.
Our personnel in Palomas now concentrate their efforts to help:

  • people have enough food (especially vulnerable seniors).
  • residents cope with the pandemic
    -by distributing up-to-date information on how to avoid getting the virus.
    -by working with the Palomas Health Center to detect and treat infected people (especially those with pre-existing conditions).
  • our home gardens continue to provide nutrition.

We hope all of you and all our donors understand: we must react to the reality of the Pandemic. We want to ensure the health of our personnel and the people in Palomas. As we partner with local organizations, we’ll continue to provide for the less fortunate.

We especially want to thank all of you who support our work in Palomas and surrounding border communities!

Please continue to support our projects and keep yourselves safe, sane, and healthy in this difficult time!

Paul Dulin, President
Border Partners

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