COVID-19 Vaccine slowly protects Palomas residents; Promotoras give assistance

Lines of people awaiting their COVID-19 vaccinations are long. This one stretches so far that you can’t see the people at the front of the line.

The COVID vaccine is slowly making its way to people in Palomas. It is required for adults to receive the vaccine. Mexican government workers have been slowly vaccinating people by age groups starting with those over 60 in May. In June, there was a vaccination event for Palomas residents 40-50 years old.

One of the promotoras hands a younger adult a breakfast burrito. Nutrition softens the wait for the COVID-19 vaccination.

workers began vaccinating Palomas residents 40-50 years old. This group received their first vaccination on June 5. Typically the second vaccination round occurs 28 days later.

Health officials and Palomas residents receive assistance from Border Partners’ Promotoras for these public vaccination efforts. The line awaiting the vaccine is long for many Palomas residents. The desert is hot. Promotoras delivered water and burritos to people presenting for vaccinations. These edible, portable items were welcome. Due to the promotoras‘ good planning, the food and drink was easy for the vaccine candidates to consume as they waited in the summer heat for their turn.

We’re pleased to continue to partner with health officials to combat the pandemic. This effort matches our mission perfectly. And, it’s potentially a life-saving effort for a community that has very limited health care options.

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