Business plan seminar attracts adult learners in Puerto Palomas

business plan seminar

Border Partners volunteer Juan Velasco [standing] engages adult learners in the process of writing a business plan during the first class of his seminar in Puerto Palomas.

by Suzanne Dulle

Residents from Puerto Palomas took another step toward fostering economic development and sustainability in their own community on Saturday, February 7 by attending the first of five sessions of a seminar entitled, “Developing a Business Plan.”

Eleven enthusiastic adult learners gathered in the new Education Center to listen to Border Partners volunteer Juan Velasco launch his much anticipated class. All the participants are currently running their own small businesses or are aspiring to begin their own “empresas” in Palomas.

Business plan seminar scope

The class will also include presentations from local professionals to ensure that participants not only learn good business practices from the US point of view, but are also updated on Mexican laws that regulate businesses in their own country.

Velasco, a native of Bolivia, has over 25 years experience in managing his own business, and spent 10 years assisting small businesses and teaching business development seminars in Santa Fe, NM.

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