Border Partners celebrates seven years of accomplishment


It’s “Happy Birthday” time for Border Partners, as the agency celebrates seven years of accomplishment.

We have an extra reason to give thanks in November each year because we remember Border Partners’ beginnings in November 2008. Our work began in response to the poverty in Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, MX. Palomas had been doubly devastated by drug-related violence and the economic downturn. But the citizens were eager for support and willing to work toward the needs they defined as most important:

  1. Employment and jobs for income
  2. Access to health care

Please join us in celebrating the progress that people in Palomas have made in achieving their goals.  Without your support, none of the work would have been possible! But, overshadowing those, we celebrate the accomplishments we’ve supported the people to make that have improved life and brought them closer to achieving their identified goals.

In fact, we’d like to celebrate our birthday by sharing some of these highlights with you.

Border Partners’ Accomplishments  2008-2015

  • Helped 70 families start home gardens with ongoing technical assistance!
  • Built a greenhouse and a large community garden that provide vegetables to a community meal program and Ford Primary School.
  • Trained six health promotoras who offer health screening and education, working closely with the medical staff at the Palomas Health Center.
  • Constructed an Education Center that offers free use of 20 computers with internet and classes.
  • Helped seven women form their own cooperative business: Palomas Oilcloth Designs which now sells all over the world!
  • Worked with a student and staff at New Mexico State University to build and install water filters that reduce the toxic levels of arsenic and fluoride in drinking water in Palomas schools.
  • Established computer labs for three primaries, middle school and high school.
  • Built play equipment in two parks including a new kids’ climbing wall!
  • Created a walled soccer court which is ready to open in December, 2015.
  • Donated over 200 books in Spanish and 12 computers to the local library.
  • Provided blankets, warm jackets and hats to needy residents.
  • Brought 150 used bicycles to the community for repair and use.
  • Installed rainwater catchment system for community garden.

You’ll find more detail about our origins and a more detailed look at our accomplishments through the years on our website page “The Origins of Border Partners.” 

It’s all thanks to our supporters

We know with acute clarity that the people of Palomas could never have done all this without the support of Border Partners’ benefactors. So, when we figuratively “blow out the candles” on our Border Partners’ birthday cake we’ll make a grateful wish. That wish will be that all our supporters–who deserve the credit for making Palomas a better place to live–will understand what they’ve accomplished. We hope that the good they have done will return to each of them in multiple ways. And we hope they know how much we appreciate them!

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