Biochar stove project brings low-cost, low-carbon solutions to Palomas in the new year

Viky Ibarra (left) and Karina Gonzalez & Juan Rascon (right) share their family biochar furnaces with you.

Since launching our GoFundMe in October to support progress in Border Partners’ effort to build environmentally friendly, low-cost biochar stoves in Palomas, we’ve received a flurry of interest from supporters. Donations have been arriving both directly to us and via the GoFundMe, bringing the total to over $1,000 so far.

Donations to this project are especially appreciated as Palomas enters its winter heating season. It can stay chilly in the high desert, and energy costs are on the rise. We hope to provide more of these stoves in the homes of Palomas’ families who are struggling with costs of living. 

Asked about the benefit of the biochar stove that heats her home, Border Partners’ staffer Viky Ibarra remarked; “My family stays warm and also saves a lot of money. Instead of always having to buy gas, we can use the stove to heat our home.” Viky lives with her family of four in Palomas.

We hope to assist more homes like hers in the coming months. To learn more about the many benefits of the biochar project, see our Tech|Share site.

We are still a ways from meeting our goal to raise $50,000 and build 25 more stoves. If you are passionate about ecological solutions with added social benefit, consider donating to our campaign here: